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Due to the working principle of flue gas pipe, the flue is often cleaned in the process of use. When flue gas duct is used, a large amount of oil will be left on the surface of engine hood and flue. After a long period of time, the oil will form. We are very troublesome in cleaning. Difficult to handle grease. The production of grease will seriously affect the use of range hood and flue gas pipe, making it more difficult to eliminate smoke when the smoke is exhausted.
Cleaning time of oil contaminated pipeline
The heavier soot in the flue gas duct will deposit at the elbow of vertical flue and cross flue, and a small part of flue gas will stay on the inner wall of vertical flue without forming. If we do not clean the lampblack pipes for more than half a year, we will not be able to clean the external vertical flue, because the lighter flue gas has been sucked away by the fan, so only less than half a year of flue gas needs to be used in the flue. Clean the elbows. Under normal conditions, it is recommended to clean the vent pipe every six months.
Tips for pipeline cleaning
Method 1: when the length of the pipe is more than 40 cm, it can be manually drilled, but this method is labor-intensive, easy to clean, not easy to clean, and the stains are brought into the body.
Method 2: remove the pipe and clean it. This method is more thorough and convenient to clean, but it is more difficult. It is necessary to measure the removal distance accurately to ensure the cleaning quality.
Method 3: in the ash pipe which cannot be manually connected and is difficult to remove, a small hole can be cut in the pipe of the ventilation pipe with a hole, and then clean the pipe through the small hole, and then seal each hole.
Method 4: soft brush assisted cleaning method, spray some detergent soften oil in the ventilation pipe, and then paste the detergent onto the cleaning oil with a long electric flexible shaft brush. This method is usually used for short vertical range hood pipes and hidden small pipes, which are difficult to access and dismantle. Using this cleaning method and easy to accumulate oil, it is necessary to shorten the cleaning cycle.
Method 5: use professional cleaning equipment to clean the kitchen flue gas pipe. With the continuous development of technology, professional fume tube cleaning equipment appears in the market, similar to cleaning robot, but the price and cost may be relatively high. Conditional friends can choose this cleaning equipment.
Method 6: this method is mainly used to clean the vertical flue of more than 50 cm, because technicians need to remove the upper and lower bottom of the pipe, fix the high-altitude safety rope above the flue, fasten the safety belt, and then clean the oil in the vertical fume to the bottom. This method is very dangerous, technical and high cost, but its cleaning effect is very good, because the vertical flue usually contains less oil, so it can be cleaned once a year.