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  Daily cleaning and maintenance of sewers is very important. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the sludge and rust in the pipeline may solidify and the original pipe diameter will be smaller. The long-term existence of sludge in pipeline will produce hydrogen sulfide gas, which will cause environmental pollution and cause explosion. The acid and alkali substances in the pipeline are easy to corrode the pipe wall; irregular removal of foreign matters in the pipeline will lead to pipeline blockage; the harmful bacteria in the pipeline will pollute the environment. Do you know the importance of cleaning the sewers? Here is a detailed introduction:
  止霜冻开裂。在中国北方,施工一般不在严寒的冬季进行。因此,在施工完成后,水泵和水管中的水将立即排出,以防止将来出现问题。 冬季放水,在每次吸水离心泵之前,应在水泵中加入一定量的水。添加后,必须关闭供水。使用自吸式水泵时,需要加水。将来,没有必要加水。
  Prevent frost cracking. In northern China, construction is generally not carried out in severe winter. Therefore, after the construction is completed, the water in the pumps and pipes will be drained immediately to prevent future problems. In winter, before each suction centrifugal pump, a certain amount of water should be added to the pump. After adding, the water supply must be turned off. When the self-priming pump is used for the first time, water needs to be added. In the future, there is no need to add water.
  社区污水管清洁的共同利益是多少?首先,使用直径10毫米,长度约1米的塑料管。一端紧紧地放在水龙头上,另一端插入堵塞物中,布料缠绕在塑料管上并堵塞在排水管中。打开水龙头后,嘴巴用水的压力冲走淤泥。遇到管道堵塞是一件非常麻烦的事情。那么在我们的生活中清除管道的有用方法是什么?   由于施工结构,当立管上有B管时,B管的上部应按规格进行修复。如果没有设计要求,清洁管应配备2个以上2个大浴室或3个以上3个卫生洁具。根据规定的施工和验收规定,水平管道上的污水角度小于135度。应设置检查端口或清洗端口。
  What are the common interests of community sewer cleaning? First, use a plastic pipe with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of about 1 meter. One end is tightly placed on the tap and the other end is inserted into the plug. The cloth is wrapped around the plastic pipe and blocked in the drain pipe. When the tap is turned on, the pressure of water in the mouth washes away the mud. It's a very troublesome thing to have a pipe jam. So what's a useful way to clear the pipes in our lives? Due to the construction structure, when there is pipe B on the riser, the upper part of pipe B should be repaired according to the specification. If there is no design requirement, the cleaning pipe should be equipped with more than 2 bathrooms or more than 3 sanitary wares. According to the specified construction and acceptance regulations, the sewage angle on the horizontal pipeline is less than 135 degrees. Inspection port or cleaning port should be set.
  Go to the mall to buy special cleaning pipe powder, such as (swallowing king), the composition seems to be lime powder. If something is blocked, it's just a special tool for cleaning the pipes mentioned above. 6、 Animal oil clogging: if it is oily, boiling water is recommended. Of course, if you can buy better results.
  买些小苏打和醋。管道疏通有很多方法和工具,可根据实际情况选择。如果下水道是一种新型的PVC材料,那么可以用真空泵吸取上面的水,然后可以填充醋,苛性钠,工业醋,工业碱等,但应注意如果它是一个老式的铁管,它不能同时混合。下水管的材料,很多只尝试使用醋水平的弱酸,它会在物体引入后约3小时内有效。解锁厨房管道 - 其他工具清理厨房管道工具和方法清除管道找到合适的人不添加“阻塞”。
  Buy some baking soda and vinegar. There are many methods and tools for pipeline dredging, which can be selected according to the actual situation. If the sewer is a new type of PVC material, you can use a vacuum pump to absorb the water above, and then you can fill it with vinegar, caustic soda, industrial vinegar, industrial alkali, etc., but it should be noted that if it is an old-fashioned iron pipe, it can not be mixed at the same time. The material of the water pipe, many only try to use weak acid at the vinegar level, it will be effective within about 3 hours after the object is introduced. Unlock kitchen pipes - other tools to clean kitchen pipes tools and methods to clear pipes to find the right person without adding "blocking".